Oct 252005

Those of you who have been watching the Atomic Linux forums, will have noticed this…

Defaced forums

Now, I don’t know who this “Eren” character is… or what I’ve susposedly done to deserve this. It’s sad that there are people who merely get their jollies by simply defacing websites. I have no complaints with hackers in general — whitehats do provide a useful service, in that they try to find holes and fix them — it’s the malicious variety of hacker (the blackhat) that I hate.

I’m currently reloading phpBB (latest version), so hopefully the damage won’t be huge — but it does look like we’ve lost most of our threads.

  2 Responses to “Fscking Blackhats!”

  1. I’m sorry. Bastard crackers. (the bad kind).

  2. Apparently, this “Eren” chap is a l33t haxor. Well, not really… It seems that he has just found an exploit in the PHPBB software and goes around to all of the sites using it and defaces them.