Aug 272006

Yep… now almost 3 years into my double degree… it’s comming high time that I actually got out there, and did some Electrical Engineering work for people. Needless to say, I had a crash course today in writing CVs, cover letters, and using LaTex. That said, I’m happy with the results so far, and having submitted an application to 3 companies, it’s now a case of waiting for a response, and looking around for other companies to pester.

Employers in the Brisbane area: If you’re after an extra pair of hands for the upcomming summer break, let me know. As part of my university studies, I need to do 60 hours work experience in the Electrical Engineering field. Ideally, I’m after some work doing telecommunications, digital design, embedded systems development or control systems, as these are the areas I’m most comfortable with. My CV is here … if I look like a good candidate to fill a position, shoot me an email, and we’ll negotiate. 🙂

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  1. […] I’m still looking around for work.  I’m quite conscious that I’m basically living out of my father’s back pocket — have been for some time now.  This has been playing on my mind a lot lately.  I know that without any work, I can forget passing my degree, I can forget moving out of home at some point.  And luxuries like attending LCA2008 are definitely out of the question.  I’ve applied to several positions over the last few months without success. […]