Gentoo/MIPS Cobalt 2007.0: Preparations Begin

Hi All…

Well, it’s that time of the year again… the lead up to release time for 2007.0. The official snapshot date is apparently next week sometime, which means I need to produce some pre-2007.0 stages in preparation.

Recently, I started the beginnings of an n32 port to Cobalt, with these stages being available from my devspace (contact me and I’ll provide the URL). In this release, I hope to provide stage1/2 tarballs (perhaps stage3 too) compiled for MIPS1, potentially allowing all standard (note; the PS2 and PSP are not standard) LE MIPS systems to run Gentoo. Users porting Gentoo to new platforms will still be largely on their own as far as support goes… but at least they’ll have a reasonable base system to work from.

Also on my TODO list, is to update the docs. Things aren’t too shabby, however there are some bootloader-related updates, now that arcboot has been punted from the tree, and arcload 0.5 is stable. CoLo will eventually need to be updated too… I’ve held off doing this, since I use my Qube2 as a file server, and thus value its availability. Also, since my PDA has decided to go on the blink, I’ve been without a convenient VT100 terminal to plug in… thus I’ll need to build a new null-modem cable to hook my laptop up.

Hopefully by next week, I’ll have some prerelease stages for 2007.0 (32-bit only for now)… and can start building the official stages once the snapshots are released by the Release Engineering team.