Sep 102007

The photos have been up for a little while, but I haven’t bothered to actually post the link to them.

Brisbane has a fireworks event called Riverfire on an annual basis around this time each year.  It fires off around various points of the Brisbane River that passes right through the CBD

For the last few years, we’ve been going as a group of friends up Mt. Coot-tha and taking shots of the fireworks.  Last year’s efforts are here.

This year, I tried using some different exposure settings … normally I like leaving the shutter open for a while, to capture the full effect.  This time I tried 1/6 sec exposure.  If I hit the button at the right moment, the effect worked well, but the timing was a real issue.  I wound up going back to long exposure, which produced some nice shots towards the end.

The ground wasn’t as stable this time either, thus there was a little camera wobble in some of my shots as the tripod moved.  I also managed to get some videos of the F111 dump-and-burn sequences at the start and end.  These are in pretty low quality MPEG4+AAC or Vorbis+Theora since I’ve only got a 128Kbps upload pipe — so go easy on the downloads.  For best results, download them to disk, then start playback.

I make an appearance in some of these photos — I won’t say which ones… that I leave as an exercise for the viewer.

See for the photos and videos.  If you decide to link to the videos, please mirror them on your space, providing a hyperlink to the photo gallery.