Sep 192007

Hi all… Two issues to raise here:

binutils-config and the missing ldscripts/elf64btsmip.xr reference

It seems this problem seems to be happening to quite a few people. If you follow the Gentoo/MIPS handbook to-the-letter with the present version of binutils-config, you wind up with this:

moosehead linux- # make vmlinux.32 modules CROSS_COMPILE=mips64-unknown-linux-gnu-
CHK include/linux/version.h
CHK include/linux/utsrelease.h
Checking missing-syscalls for N32
CALL scripts/
Checking missing-syscalls for O32
CALL scripts/
CALL scripts/
CHK include/linux/compile.h
LD init/mounts.o
mips64-unknown-linux-gnu-ld: cannot open linker script file ldscripts/elf64btsmip.xr: No such file or directory

The fix… update to binutils-config-1.9-r4 or newer, then run binutils-config –mips && . /etc/profile before trying your kernel build again. For further details, see bug #171486. Gentoo 2007.1 (next release) will fix this issue.

Heads Up

As some of you may know, I’m nearing the end of my double degree (Bachelor of IT/Bachelor of Electronic Engineering), and part of that involves getting 60 days industrial experience. I’ve applied to a number of companies — some of these positions will take me to rural locations where I may not have a permanent internet connection (or even reliable dialup).

Thus, during this upcoming summer break (between mid November through to late February), I may wind up going on a temporary hiatus from Gentoo. None of this is definite at this stage, nobody that I’ve contacted has gotten in touch to line up an interview however I figure I may as well post this here now so that the me disappearing doesn’t come out-of-the-blue.

The plan if I do wind up temporarily moving: I’ll try and get 2007.1 pushed out the door before I leave. This will focus on newer stages for MIPS1 and MIPS4 little-endian targets. I’ll set up both Lemote boxes here so that other Gentoo devs can gain access to them whilst I’m away. If I can get any internet service at all, I’ll be around to answer queries, and maybe do some limited work via SSH, but testing X or audio apps are out of the question.

As I say, none of this is definite, and I may wind up getting my experience somewhere here in Brisbane (ideal case). That said… given my stress levels lately, they say a change is as good as a holiday… maybe a few months living in a country town is just what I need.