BARC AGM 2008, and other AR news

Last Friday (23rd), was the night of the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Annual General Meeting. Anyone who has been involved in a small club or community group, knows how dangerous it can be to attend these meetings — if you don’t intend to stand for a position, especially when most of the people holding executive positions are stepping down. 😉

Well, needless to stay, the vast majority of the membership was away… leaving about 8~9 of us in the room. One of the newer members wound up with job of President, along with myself scoring the job of editor for QSP, the club newsletter. There will be more on this in the next issue of QSP. I’m still toying with ways I can produce that newsletter efficiently — the three options I’m looking at are (in order of preference): LaTeX, and Scribus. I put Scribus last as I’m not familiar with it, and at last check, didn’t easily run on Win32. LaTeX is available for Win32 as part of Cygwin amongst other sources, as is

In any case, this is a new role for me, and I look forward to the challenge.

News items for QSP can be sent directly to the new email alias I have for this: (remove the interference). Preferred formats for text are plain ASCII text (just put it in the body of the email), OpenDocument Text (as produced by, HTML, LyX and LaTeX. Preferred formats for diagrams are PDF, SVG, EPS, PNG or JPEG (the last one is best reserved for photos) — just indicate in the text roughly where you want these diagrams put, and I’ll try to fit them in as best I can.

In other news, I now have some HF kit. BARCfest saw me acquiring a second hand transceiver, a Kenwood TS-120S. Presently I’ve just got it hooked to a simple 40m dipole, and I mainly hover around the WICEN frequency on 40m (7.075MHz LSB). The eventual plan is to set up a full-wavelength 40m loop in the ceiling space of the house (we have a tiled roof) and hook that up to an ATU. I have purchased an ATU, and hope that will arrive some time this week, so before long, I should be contactable on HF. I’m permitted 10W PEP on 80m, 40m, 15m and 10m, and am able to transmit USB, LSB and (once I learn morse), CW.