Jun 162008

I’m pleased to annouce the final 2008.0 stages have been published.  I haven’t yet gotten around to giving them a run, I’ll set up a couple of chroots and do some test builds shortly, but in the meantime, I have put them up on my devspace for public review.

As previously announced, this release sees the addition of generic MIPS-1 stages for both big and little endian, as well as new stages for little-endian MIPS-3.  We still only support the hardware listed in the handbook however — the generic stages are provided merely as a convenience to those who may wish to experiment with other hardware, and know what they’re doing.

Approximately 1.2GB got uploaded over the 30 or so hours… this is apparent from my NTP server’s performance this weekend:

… Yeah… I think I’ll wait until I’m back at uni before I upload any more big files. 😉

Anyway… as I say, the new stages are up, and I’d be greatful if some brave users could take them for a spin and report back.  In the meantime, I’ve got some chroots to set up and testing to do.