Welcome to the Sunshine State

Blimey… someone must’ve said something to upset the weather.  We’ve survived the last 3 storms thus far.

It does seem though, that nature clobbered us in The Gap, then Wednesday night, said “Ohh… I missed you Paddington… Here you go!  Ohh, and you’ve been left out too Rosewood… have some rain.”  These same storms washed away parts of the Brisbane->Ipswich->Rosewood rail line… which is going to make getting to work (at Laidley) rather interesting.

Last night, Blackwater (Central Queensland) got clobbered by cricket-ball sized hail.

On the bright side though, we have gotten rid of trees and other garden plants that we’ve been meaning to rip out for months… and our dams are getting a much-needed top-up.  But for now I am watching the BOM Queensland Weather page like a hawk.