Australia-Wide Night-Owl and Insomnia Net

The AWNOI net is a weekly evening net that starts at 10:00PM UTC+10 (or 9:30PM UTC+10 when daylight savings time is in effect) and continues until the last station falls asleep. This recording is produced by myself using my HF set (Kenwood TS-120S), Yaesu FC-700 tuner and G5RV-like outdoor antenna. My QTH is at The Gap, Brisbane, QLD. Most of the stations participating, bar 3, are VK4 stations (two VK2s and one VK1).

If you’re a licensed amateur with equipment for 80m communications, feel free to join us at any time.

This recording was made 2009-01-30 and is available as Ogg/Speex, Ogg/Vorbis or MPEG4/AAC codecs.
A short highlights recording is also available, in MP3, Ogg/Vorbis or Speex.