Dusting off the MIPS boxes

Well… it has been a while… No, I haven’t gone AWOL, just been busy with other things for the past few months.

I’m now in the process of updating my MIPS boxes so that I can resume testing packages. I now have a stable kernel on my O2 (I nicked Debian’s kernel image… to install you just run ar x on the .deb, then unpack the data.tar.gz created into your /) and can seriously look at the userland.

First priority will be developer-related tools that I know well and can test quickly… Subversion is one that I’ll probably tackle, since the version we currently have keyworded is masked. Ditto for git. I’m sure I’ll find other things to get started on, but those two will make doing everyhing else easier.

I’ve also started on some new profiles. People can have a look at http://git.longlandclan.yi.org/?p=gentoo-mips-profiles.git or clone the repository at git://git.longlandclan.yi.org/gentoo-mips-profiles.git to give them a try. When I’ve given them a good thrashing and am satisfied, I’ll look at merging them into the tree, but for now, this is my staging area.

Hopefully with a stable base system upcoming, and new profiles, then I’ll look at new stages, and get this show back on the road.