Gentoo/MIPS Stages: Coming Soon

Well, after a long hiatus and a few battles more recently, I now have the Qube2 building O32 stages for the little-endian port of Gentoo.

N32 will probably come soon with Matt Turner throwing some Broadcom BCM91250 heavyweights at the task. I intend to keep O32 going as there’s a lot of hardware out there that cannot use N32 that people use Gentoo on, and there are also a lot of systems which still run Gentoo O32. To provide a continued operating system for these systems, I’ll continue to maintain an O32 port.

At this point… I have produced a seed stage 3 based on modern sources, and have the Qube2 busily working through the final stage 1 for MIPS1 now (at package 55 of 60). I have the occasional hiccup such as baselayout trying to install a .keep file in a mounted /proc and dying… I’ve also had the man ebuild try to call groupadd before shadow was installed.

Other than that, things are moving forward, and I hope to have new stages to you shortly.