Gentoo/MIPS: Incremental uploads commence

Observant viewers may notice that I’ve begun uploading some of the stage tarballs. The first of the stages built is the stage 1 tarball for MIPS-I little-endian. Stage 2 is building as I type this, hopefully by this weekend it’ll be uploaded and stage 3 will be on its way.

I’ll let you know when all the MIPS-I little-endian builds are done, that way you won’t wind up downloading a partially uploaded file. That said, should you jump the gun, you should be able to resume the download to fetch the remainder. I’ve started with MIPS-I since that’s the lowest-common-denominator … MIPS-III will be next, followed by MIPS-IV.

I plan to get onto the big-endian port shortly. SGI owners have not been forgotten, just I’ve been busy. 🙂