CQ JOTA 2010

Hi all,

This year I will be activating the Robertson Scout Den as part of this year’s JOTA. I’ll be working as a one-man band at least on the Saturday, working under my personal callsign of VK4MSL. Bands planned are:

  • 80m
  • 40m
  • 20m
  • 2m

I can also do 15m, 10m, 6m and 70cm and may have a listen there too… however the above listed bands are where I suspect most of the action will be. Modes will be FM and SSB. On 2m, we can be reached on the VK4RBR-L Echolink node (#284321). JOTA documentation lists as also contactable via VK4RBS, which at last check was on IRLP node 6408. However, it appears this node has been down for some time, and as such we will likely also be making use of other 2m (and possibly 70cm) nodes in the region. I can also do 2m SSB, however that was very quiet last year.

Hope to hear many young voices on the air this weekend… let’s see if we can push the average operator’s age well below 20. 🙂 And next time I’m in contact with ZL2JOTA, I’ll try to keep the topic away from asking about sheep (ahh well, gotta forgive inquisitive minds… you could hear the groans baseband).