LCA2011: I’m going… are you?

Hi all,

I’m in the process of registering for LCA2011… since it’s in my home town, I figure I may as well show up. 🙂 This will be the first LCA that I’ve attended, last one I was looking at going to was the one in Sydney a few years back … however at the time I just didn’t have the funds.

Now, with it in Brisbane (therefore no need for a hotel room), and having some money in the bank, there’s no excuse for me.

I’m not certain if Gentoo is organising a stall there or not this year, and there’s mention of the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club (of which I am a member), not sure what activities are going there either (this could be in error… I’ll inquire with the group and see what’s doing). If we have a stall… figured it’d be a good opportunity to get one of the Fuloong computers up and running as a bit of a demonstration of Gentoo/MIPS… maybe get my O2 running fldigi with my FT-897D decoding some PSK31 as well if BARC are involved. We shall see.

What is certain though, is that I’m taking the plunge this year… before the earlybird pricing expires in early November.