We’re still dry

For now at least…

Rain is continuing to pour down on us here in The Gap (Brisbane North) and while the gutters resemble little rivers at the moment, things aren’t too bad. Elsewhere in Brisbane, things aren’t so great.

For those who have been “praying for rain” in this area, you can stop now, we’ve had more than enough!

The following is a photo of the cycleway/footpath underneath Walton Bridge. Enoggera Creek is flowing well.

Enoggera creek at Walton Bridge

Enoggera creek at Walton Bridge (Photo Credit: David Longland)

Flood maps

I have made a mirror of the Brisbane City Council flood maps here. (And I’ve just fixed the file permissions.  Seems Down-them-all chmods the files 0600 and I forgot to chmod them 0644.  Ooopsie!)

Amateur Station Status

Given the emergency situation in the SE QLD region I have the station operational at my home QTH in The Gap (Locator QG62LN35CA).

Frequencies being monitored:

  • 147.075MHz FM Mt. Cotton Repeater VK4RAX (on handheld)
  • 476.525MHz FM Channel 5 UHF CB Emergency Repeater (periodic check)
  • Numerous repeaters in the Brisbane area (periodic check from FT897D)
  • 146.500MHz FM 2m National Calling Frequency (periodic check)
  • 439.000MHz FM 70cm National Calling Frequency (periodic check)
  • 3.600 MHz LSB WICEN/IARU Region 3 80m Emergency frequency (periodic check)
  • 7.075 MHz LSB WICEN 40m frequency (periodic check)
  • 7.110 MHz LSB IARU Region 3 40m Emergency frequency (periodic check)
  • 14.125 MHz USB WICEN 20m frequency (periodic check)
  • 14.300 MHz USB IARU Region 3 20m Emergency frequency (periodic check)