February 23, 2011

May you live in interesting times

So far this year we have had:

  • in Australia, record flooding in three states on the eastern seaboard
  • Also in Australia and at about the same time, bushfires around Perth
  • Flooding in Brazil
  • Cyclone Yasi clobbering North Queensland (So bad in fact, that CNN thought Queensland had been sucked up and dumped the other side of Bass Strait.  Guess that’s Chicken Noodle News for you.)
  • The uprising and subsequent overthrowing of the government in Egypt
  • Numerous uprisings in Bahrain
  • Lybia practically booting out its ruler, although Gadhafi still appears to be under the delusion that he’s still in charge
  • Christchurch, New Zealand, levelled by earthquakes
  • Cyclone Carlos continuing to make a prick of himself off the Western Australia coastline
  • IANA exhausted of IPv4 addresses

And it’s not even March.