Apr 102011

Well, I’ve done some tinkering with Gentoo/Prefix on MacOS X.  Not bad so far, although there’s a lot of packages not keyworded… (a bit like MIPS) and some packages I miss from regular Gentoo (e.g. crossdev).  However, we can work on sorting this out over time.

For those of you who aren’t particularly fond of going on a copy/paste fest from the documentation, I decided rather than sit there all night and manually do it, I’d code up a script to do it for me.  Behold: Gentoo MacOS X bootstrap script.


$ export EPREFIX="${HOME}/.gentoo/amd64"
$ export CHOST="x86_64-apple-darwin10"
$ mkdir -pv "${EPREFIX}"
$ sh do-bootstrap.sh

  2 Responses to “Bootstrapping Gentoo/MacOS X (Prefix) – automatically”

  1. Thanks for a little slice of publicity for Gentoo Prefix. However, the reason that the Gentoo Prefix team doesn’t provide such “scripts” is because we have tried before and find that they get too outdated too fast and the maintanence overhead was high. Probably it will be easier for supporting just *one* host O/S though. Anyway, just thought you would like to know.

  2. Yep, this is true that it’ll have to be updated. It’s a compliment to the documentation, not a replacement for it. 🙂

    If someone wishes to use it, and finds it doesn’t work, they should have the technical skill to read through the documentation and see what it’s doing wrong to fix it. I don’t do anything highly technical, so it shouldn’t be difficult for others to debug.