Open letter to Mal Moors, VK3CWM

(I’m not one normally for airing dirty laundry in this manner, but I feel it is marginally better than airing it on the air.)

Dear Mal,

Please.  What is your problem?

This evening, your behaviour on this band was absolutely appauling.  For someone who has apparently had a radio license for longer than I’ve been alive, I am disappointed.  Sadly this is not an isolated incident but for now I’ll turn a deaf ear to previous offences and just focus on tonight’s offence.

I’m not sure if you’re the one that has been playing music over the top of us… some have made this allegation.  I’m happy to give you the benefit of a doubt, but the tirade that followed is very unbecoming of a radio amateur.  Foul language, deliberate interference, not identifying, name-calling, and generally making a nuisance.  As best I can tell, completely unprovoked.

You claimed, “I was here first”.  I was listening on 3584kHz from around 9:15PM.  I did hear Danny ask “Is the frequency in use“.  Several times.  I was mobile at Red Hill at the time.  Prior to this the frequency, as best I could hear with my marginal antenna, was devoid of all activity.  None the less, we gave you the benefit of the doubt, and after listening to your protest, we did the respectful thing and QSY’ed to 3590kHz.

Not a minute after we had done so, there you were, trying to talk over us (and only succeeding with the exceptionally weak stations), and misbehaving as before.  We had left you 3584kHz, moved to 3590kHz, and you followed us up the band.  Why?

All I have heard, is the ramble from a seeming madman.  All I, and others want to do, is use of 2.4 kHz, to have our friendly weekly chit chat.  You are even welcome to join in if you wish to be civil and play by the rules.  If you wish to have a discussion with someone else, we are not going to stop you.

On the 80m band, you’ve got 3.503kHz to 3.700kHz and 3779kHz through to 3800kHz.  You can go anywhere on that spectrum which isn’t already in use, why pick the frequency we’re using?  If you still wish to use the frequency we’re on, why not do the gentlemanly thing, and ask politely?  We’re reasonable, we will move if you ask nicely.

Please, I am asking as nicely as I possibly can, please leave us alone.  We do not wish to interfere with you, please don’t interfere with us.


Stuart VK4MSL, and other regulars of the Australia Wide Night-Owl and Insomnia Net.