Sep 132011

Hi all…

I got fed up of restoring my firmware for the Broadcom wireless chip in my late-2008 model MacBook.  Anyone who has one of these might find the current in-tree versions of net-wireless/b43-firmware is missing files needed by the modern b43 driver (namely ucode16_mimo.fw), and net-wireless/b43-fwcutter doesn’t well, cut it, for extracting the newer files.

If you’ve got a newer 802.11n-based Broadcom chip, you might find the following ebuilds handy:

  • net-wireless/b43-firmware-
  • net-wireless/b43-fwcutter-015 and net-wireless/b43-fwcutter-9999

The first is the firmware mentioned in this post.  It needs a newer fwcutter binary than is provided in Portage.  You’ve got the choice of the latest version, or the bleeding edge via git.  Both work at time of writing, although neither are guaranteed.

The ebuilds are not in-tree, I’ll leave that for the actual maintainer for these ebuilds to pick them up if desired, I’ve put them in an overlay accessed via the following command:

git clone git://

Or you can take a squiz via gitweb.