Mar 272014

Well, the search goes on. This saga started out initially as questions began about where MH370 had gone.

As if a large aircraft could just disappear into thin air.

There’s no question that the plane has crashed. Almost certainly it crashed out in the ocean, a particularly nasty stretch of ocean that’s home to some of the roughest seas.

Sure, they’ll have life rafts and other safety devices on board. Anyone caught out in the ocean for this long would be long dead by now. To the families of those on board, I do offer my condolences.

The question remains as to why this happened though. I was thinking about this, this morning. The plane was destined for Beijing. It is understood it crashed somewhere south-west of Perth.

Far be it from me to raise conspiracy theories, but it got me thinking: was someone on that plane trying to take an Al Queda-esque swipe at Perth?

Update: Discussing the thought here, we rather suspect the 2 hour long recording on the flight recorder will be largely silent. It’s too far west for Perth, although there might’ve been intentions to alter course later. Something caused the course for the autopilot to be set down south, and the plane flew more-or-less dead straight. There are questions being raised about one of the pilot’s marital situation, which might hint at a suicide attempt. I guess I’ll stop here, and let the authorities do their investigation.