Feb 252016

The picture I uploaded on this project was an idea that came to me as I was lying in bed thinking about the problem.

The thought was inspired by a helmet I saw for sale in my local bike shop.

It had a single row of spines for “decorative” purposes. The thought occurred to me, what would happen if those spines covered the entire surface of the helmet? Hence, I came up with this.

Seems Vicis has had a similar idea, their Zero1 helmet incorporates a crumple zone not unlike the one I’ve drawn on the whiteboard here. Theirs is focussed solely on “football” applications (grid iron).

Now, patents are really what could throw a spanner in the works for this project. I’m looking to see if there’s a patent on this, and if so, how broad that patent is. It would be a big tragedy if other helmet users such as cyclists and motorcyclists, were denied access because of this , I must tread carefully as they are bigger than I am.

Feb 252016

A work colleague, Jessie Li came up with an interesting idea this morning.

She suggested that perhaps helmets could be built to a speed rating, and give a warning to the rider when that speed is exceeded. The idea is that the helmet is matched to the likely user risk scenario.

This would be interesting to try and work in with a project like the #DIY Smart Crash Helmet project.

Feb 252016

One of the stated goals is to try and determine how statistically significant TBI is in motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

Null hypothesis here will be that motorcycle accidents will have a much higher prevalence of TBI than in bicycle accidents, down to the typical routes and speeds alone.

Nick Rushworth, executive officer of Brain Injury Australia has been most helpful in pointing me to some statistics on New South Wales road crashes as well as some more general statistics from 2004-05 on TBI cases in general . His assistance in this has been a big help.

The Queensland Department of Main Roads also produces a number of reports, as well as a request form. Transport for NSW also provide statistics. I think the data is there, we’ve just got to figure out a means to drill into it.