Feb 262018

So, after a longish wait… my laptop finally coughed up an image with a C/C++ compiler and almost all the bits necessary to make Gentoo Portage tick.

Almost everything… wget built, but it segfaults on start-up.  No matter, it seems curl works.  We do have an issue though: Portage no longer supports customising the downloader like it used to, or at least I couldn’t see how to do it, it used to be settings in make.conf.

Thankfully, I know shell scripts, and can make my own wget using the working curl:

bash-4.4# cat > /usr/bin/wget

while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
    case "$1" in
        -O) OUT="$2"; shift;;
        -t) shift;;
        -T) shift;;
        --passive-ftp) : ;;
        *) break ;;

set -ex
curl --progress-bar -o "${OUT}" "$1"

Okay, it’s a little (a lot) braindead, but it beats downloading the lot by hand!

I was able to get Gentoo installed by hand using these instructions.  I have an old 1TB HDD plugged into a USB dock, formatted with a 10GB swap partition and the rest btrfs.  Sure, it’s only USB 2.0, but I’d sooner just put up with some CPU overhead than wear out my eMMC.

Next step; ROOT=/tmp/seed emerge -ev system