Sep 022018

Update: Real life intervened and I didn’t get around to reconfiguring Postfix like I said I would. I am doing that now, any or will start bouncing now.

Originally, when I started down the path of running my own server, I was an unemployed student, so the servers were hand-me-down second hand affairs and the domains I used were freebie ones.  I started out with, and when they changed their policies, I switched to (in 2007). have been fantastic.  Not only is the domain short, but they also allow many record types including TXT (needed for SPF rules), AAAA (IPv6), MX (for mail servers) and NS, yes they’ll even let you delegate a subdomain to DNS servers of your choosing.

That said, they did have a spot of unreliability a few years back (around 2015).  Given that I now have an income of my own, it no longer made sense to just go for free services, so I bought a couple of domains.  My email client was configured so that in the event someone sent me an email to the old address, they would see the following in my reply:

Subject: Re: …
References: <…>
To: …
From: "Stuart Longland (OLD ADDRESS see reply-to)"

I’ve been doing this for a few years now.  The domains now only receive mail that comes into two categories:

  • people who still use the old email address not realising I’ve changed
  • spammers that have harvested the old email address

From October November this year, I’ll be bouncing emails sent to the old domain, with a link to this page.  From November this year In 2019, the MX records for the domains will disappear.  In short I will not be receiving email from any of the old addresses from November 2018!

If you see in an email address for one of us, now is the time to replace that with  If you see one ending in, then you are really out of date.

Please note, I might be able to give you instructions on how to update the email address in your client, but I’ll assume your client works exactly the same as mine does to the pixel, my instructions will be something along the lines of “Go to the Tools menu, click Address Book, type ‘’ into Criteria, press ENTER, then for each contact you see with my old address in it, double-click on it, change the address and click OK”.

I provide 0 support for email clients I don’t use: I’ll assume you know how to use your system or know how to research the problem, it’s not up to me to teach you as life’s too short.