My thoughts on Twitter

Musk is now bitter
because Twitter is in the shitter.
He’s turned his cash to litter,
and now he wants an arse kisser.

— Stuart Longland (first posted on Ars Technica)

That pretty much sums my thoughts up… about where they’re headed. Elon Musk has been in the news a lot following his purchase of the social media network, Twitter… firing critical staff by mistake… then expecting everyone else left behind to work long hours at high intensity. Effectively, he’s wanting people who are sycophantic enough to put up with the toxic environment they’re now faced with.

Apparently the recent ultimatum delivered to his staff saw nearly half of them walk away with immediate effect… and the latest is he’s demanding screenshots of code to understand how it works.

My guess is there’s likely more code than will fit on a single screen that is critical to Twitter’s operations. In some cases, entire teams responsible for critical functions have left — there’s no one left that could meaningfully explain the components those teams were responsible for. It’s also not like a social media network operates the same as a satellite network or electric vehicle. Completely different animal.

I personally have not touched Twitter … in fact my thoughts on these services have been known for some time. Services like this which are run by individual companies are akin to putting all your eggs in one basket, and as you don’t own the basket, you’ve got no way to defend it! It’s one of the reasons why I’ve stuck to running a blog rather than running over to the walled garden that is Facebook. I’m one of the few in my company that won’t touch these commercial social networks, and I’m not about to change things now.

One thing that particularly irked me is when our state government decides to “announce” things on Twitter, but then doesn’t immediately update their website. I don’t consider Twitter an authoritative source — blue tick or not! As far as I’m concerned, if say, Queensland Health haven’t published a change in COVID-19 rules on a publicly reachable page on a host in the domain, I do not consider it legitimate.

Would I consider an alternative like Mastodon? Maybe… it can be self-hosted, so I could have my instance right here and you’d be able to follow what I do… but my posts tend to be big and sporadic: not the sort of thing that fits in a tweet or toot. There are times I share links to articles or amusing photos, maybe Mastodon could serve that purpose better than the blog here.

I guess time will tell. One thing is certain though, I’m glad I didn’t bother with Twitter — if I left it to them to keep my history online, it’d be all gone now following the chaotic take-over they’ve had. Also, no way in hell I’d go work for any of Elon Musk’s enterprises. As an Asperger’s person myself, I’d rather work for somebody who doesn’t use his condition as an excuse for bad behaviour.