Leaving Comments

Due to spam, I have disabled anonymous comments on this blog.  In order to leave a comment, you must have an account.  I’ve used various approaches in the past, but I feel, this is probably the easiest option.

You’ve got two options:

Out of these, I’d seriously consider the latter … then your password’s security is not my problem, it’ll be between you, and your OpenID provider (unless you happen to pick me as your OpenID provider).

I might consider allowing comments anonymously for IPv6 hosts … I am yet to receive a spam message via IPv6, and the first one I do, I’ll be forwarding it onto the relevant network administrator pronto.  However, it’ll largely depend on how energetic I feel hacking up WordPress to permit this to happen.

You may also find your browser complains about a self-signed certificate … this is fine, just add an exception for this site.  It’ll work just fine.