Previous attempts at message passing over packet radio has been restricted to individual proprietary applications with their own messaging standards. Meanwhile, we’ve seen a big up-swing in the number of TCP/IP based mesh solutions such as Zigbee IP and 6LoWPAN.

Having experimented with 6LoWPAN at work (specifically OpenThread), it occurred to me that AX.25 could conceivably act as a transport layer for 6LoWPAN. The protocols used there would be ideal for the constrained 1200-baud packet radio networks, whilst still making it blindingly simple to write software that communicates over that network using standard TCP/IPv6 network stacks. IPv6 addresses are also roomy enough to encode a station’s call-sign.

The goal here will be to plug the gaps between what AX.25 provides, and what 6LoWPAN uses in 802.15.4.

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