Syndicating this blog


If you wish to syndicate my feeds on your site, you’re welcome, however there are some things you should be warned of.

Where possible, you should only syndicate the categories that are appropriate for your site. In the case where you have a general site, I strongly recommend you use the Public Syndication category for your site, rather than the main feed.

This is because while I fully support and endorse freedom-of-speech, I will at times post comments that are not appropriate for most websites. These are posts that, while yes I want to make them publicly viewable, I do not wish to see them broadcast all over the internet.

After the 12th November 2007, I will assume those still syndicating the main feed on their aggregation sites do not mind potentially inflammatory posts to appear on their site. You have been warned. The feeds for the main categories are listed below:

  • Asperger’s Syndrome:
  • Humour:
  • Linux Development:

    • Gentoo Development:
    • Atomic Linux Development:
  • Public Syndication:
  • Thinktank:
  • University: