Oct 092007

Hi All…

Lately I’ve been having some fun with the Fulongs… The other day, I managed to port Quake II to Gentoo/MIPS, and whilst I’m yet to test it on big-endian MIPS… it works great on the Fulong minicomputers.

Frame rate isn’t spectacular, it can only handle 400×300 when using software mode… but it’s playable. This would have to be one of the first commercial games to be ported to Gentoo/MIPS.

Now comes the fun bit of getting OpenGL going. Thanks to Lemote, I’ve got some patches that almost get things working correctly. I have hardware-accelerated 3D for about 5 seconds, before the following message is emitted by the kernel:

[code]Oct 9 00:21:17 [kernel] [drm:drm_lock_take] *ERROR* 3 holds heavyweight lock[/code]

After that, it’s game over… X freezes up, and I have to reboot the computer (via SSH) before I get local control back. But it’s a start. The full details are on the Lemote forums where I’m working on solving the problems… but certainly things are looking up. 🙂